5-part 5

Topic Progress:

Dealing with disappointment is a daily task: the light turned red, the line is long, we didn’t get our shipment, she never called me back, and on and on.  We may feel a little frustrated, but we must cope and move on. You’re actually teaching your child to do the same utilizing everyday scenarios as they grow. 

    Setting boundaries is not always the easiest thing to do. In fact, it’s more time consuming than just allowing a child to do it themselves. And when you add an audience to it – such as a child who wants to get out of their stroller at the mall or out of their cart at the grocery store- you will be more tempted to cave. Stay strong. Cut your shopping down to the necessities and your child will learn that they will not get their way no matter what kind of tantrum they throw. 

    In the long run, you’ll be doing less damage control at other people’s houses, church, parties and holidays when your children have ground rules at home. If a child has rules, they learn to eventually apply them to every environment. 

Some simple rules:

  1. Clean as we go.
  2. Clean up before bed.
  3. Put shoes away, clothes in hamper.
  4. Do chores every morning before school.
  5. No running in the house (take it outside). 
  6. Draw, color, paint on paper- not on walls.
  7. Eat in the kitchen.
  8. Don’t touch things that do not belong to you.
  9. Trucks are to be pushed on wood floors, tile floors and even carpet; they do not roll on walls that leave marks for someone too clean.
  10.     10.  Use inside voices when we are inside. 
  11.     11.  Couches and chairs are for bottoms, not for feet.
  12.     12.  Tables are for objects, not for bottoms.

Listen to advice and accept instruction

And in the end you will be wise.

Proverbs 19:20

    Taking care of preteens and teens is a whole different challenge! Let’s get into that next chapter!

Word to the Wise: 

Having a handle on the impressionable years (before preteen/teen),

will go a long way in the teen years. It’s beneficial for

parents to bond in the beginning that fosters a trust and relationship 

to carry you through the teen years.