2-part 2

Topic Progress:

Let’s take an inventory of what is helpful to the next generation when it comes to health, life and the pursuit of happiness when living in the United States. When talking about poverty, what are some of the simple ways that start a child out on the right foot?

  1. Finishing high school, going on to college or picking up a trade. 
  2. Getting married before having children and planning when to have them.
  3. Good stewardship over money earned- having a savings account and not being tempted to buy the latest fashion, but rather save for the future. 
  4. Purchasing a starter home

Does this look like your childhood? Did your parent or guardian demonstrate self-control when it came to money? When it came to planning families, one’s future and a strong work ethic?

    Think about these questions:

  1. Did I witness a loving marriage in my home?
  2. Did anyone encourage and support my education (reading to me at night, checking my homework to make sure it was done, disciplining me for bad grades, attending parent-teacher conferences)?
  3. Did my parent/s ever volunteer at my school or to coach a sport?
  4. Was I supervised (did I have a curfew, proper discipline- meaning the punishment fit the crime, taught respect of elders, proper bedtime and a reliable dinner schedule)?
  5. Did I have responsibilities around the house (chores and accountability for the cleanliness of my room) to ensure I learned life skills?
  6. Did people speak to each other with respect and patience in my home?

Word to the Wise:  

Children are very influential, they are paying attention to everything- as you look back, don’t you find this to be true of yourself? So if it is true about you, it will be true about your child as well.