Wrap up & Homework Copy

REBT Worksheet:
Have the class fill out their REBT worksheet. This is an important step, so please make sure to give the students enough time.

  • Hand out the Reasons for Probation/Suspension: Tab 1
  • Read Group Norms: Tab 1
  • Print the Behavior Tracker 40 times
  • Print the Behavior Changes 40 times

Behavior Tracker and its purpose:

Directions: For the next 40 weeks you will utilize this worksheet to track actions/events or beliefs about said events and your behavior or responses to those beliefs. This will give you an over-all picture of your belief system and what some of your main triggers (events/actions) look like, and how ultimately, destructive they are to your life goals (which you will be eventually setting in this class). This step is important to start before you set goals! Why? It’s imperative to figure out how your own behavior can sabotage your very own life goals! Each week do a new Behavior Tracker. Your goal is to see changes in your behavior over the next 40 weeks as you take more classes and gain more understanding about yourself! Place in Tab 2

Behavior Changer and its purpose:

Directions: At the end of each week, analyze what events triggered your reaction/behavior (consequences) due to your beliefs and replace each belief on the Behavior Changer with a new belief. Ask yourself how you can change your belief and why it would help you. This will help you recognize triggers and design a game plan for you to choose a more positive belief and healthy response in the future. The Behavior Changer is designed to help you gain control of emotions due to irrational beliefs and create a new belief system that better serves your personal goals, your health, your relationships (children) and ultimately, your life in general.

Remember: Life isn’t always fair, but it’s manageable. Tab 2

This is part of their homework for the week. Also- if they are inclined, have them find a Bible verse (Proverbs would be easiest), that they can think of during this difficult event that will help change their behavior.  They may write their scripture on the back of the Tracker. The scripture can also be put on index cards to put in their car, have at the office, on their refrigerator, their nightstand – wherever it may remind them to read before acting!

Dismiss class!