Getting Started (Facilitator Prep) Copy

As a facilitator, you will be expected to have classroom management skills in navigating conversations. This includes:

  • Being patient when a participant is sharing
  • Giving proper responses to difficult topics
  • Knowing when to deal with difficult personalities

You will deal with difficult personalities and broken people. We live in a society of entitlement, the need for immediate gratification and deteriorating communication skills. It will be imperative that you remind your participants that change in behavior does not result in immediate environmental change. It takes a long time to get out from behind the eight-ball, and that is exactly why they should work hard to never go back! 

You will need to remind them that they are in this not only for themselves, but for the betterment of their children. And most important, whether a participant grabs on and runs with this opportunity is not your responsibility. It is not a reflection of who you are as a person. People have been given way less in life, less chances, less opportunities, less guidance and persevere through some of the most horrific scenarios. Therefore, stay reminded that just as REBT teaches (and the Good Book), we as humans must take personal responsibility for our actions and behavior, even through some of the worst types of life-weather. 

Okay! Let’s get you organized and prepared for this amazing journey!

First, print the insert-able cover sheet for your Facilitator’s Binder and create a 5-tab binder to keep you on top of your game and your class running smoothly. The 5 tabs below are for each of your dividers: 

Tab 1: Class Information

Tab 2: Class Curriculum

Tab 3: Case Management

Tab 4: Participant Information

Tab 5: Pledges

Grab your Facilitator cover sheet here

Second, Download the Participant Attendance Log

Fill in your participants’ names and keep track of their progress. The beauty of this attendance sheet is that it is not by date, but rather by class. It will help you keep track of which classes were missed by your participants. If necessary, they can always take a class they missed on-line! This will keep your class on track, and it will ensure that your participants complete the 40-week curriculum! Once you’ve filled in the participants’ names, print all four sheets, and place them in Tab 1.

Third, Download the Participant Information form

Fill in any or all information that you may need pertaining to your participants for communication purposes and life-style overview. This is your form so include any information you need! This may be filled out during entry to a program or in class. Tab 4

Forth, Download Case Management Form

Complete one form for each participant (give each participant a number and use in place of name). Here, you will keep notes on conversations you had, why they were absent, when they plan on taking the class they’ve missed, etc. This form is for your personal use and documentation. Remember! You can never document too much – these notes can help you remember important conversations and agreements. Tab 3

  • Print a Syllabus: Tab 1 & (Place on top of Participant Log) here

Fifth, Download the Calendar and fill in your classes

As the Facilitator, you want to make sure that all expectations are clear and organized, especially information pertaining to class dates and times. You will see that you can mark holidays off and personalize this Calendar to fit your schedule. Print one for each of your participants and place one in your Tab 1 (behind the Syllabus)

  • Download Group Norms here – make this your own as well!: Tab 1 (to read with your class): Tab 1 (place behind Participant Pledge)
  • Print Intro and REBT (to read with your class): Tab 2 here
  • Print Behavior Tracker (to explain to your class): Tab 2 here
  • Print Behavior Changer (to explain to your class): Tab 2 here

Lastly, Let’s get your participants organized with their binder.

Make sure enough copies are printed for all of the students. Consider printing extra – just in case.

  • Print the insert-able cover sheet for your Participant Binders here and create 5-tab binders for all of your participants, (see the 5 tabs below for each divider).
  • Print the Calendar here, the Participant Pledge here, Group Norms here and the Intro and REBT here.
  • Place the Syllabus, Calendar and Group Norms in Tab 1,
  • Place the Pledge in Tab 5 (this is where it will be kept) and place the Intro and REBT in Tab 4. Behavior Tracker and place behind Intro and REBT in Tab 4.
  • Place the Behavior Changer and place behind Behavior Tracker sheets in Tab 4.

The tabs should look like this:

Tab 1: Class Time

Tab 2: Goals 

Tab 3: REBT Sheets

Tab 4: Class Work

Tab 5: Contracts

Congratulations! You are now prepared and ready to begin class!