Getting Started Copy Copy

In order to get the most out of this course, we strongly recommend that you follow the curriculum as close as possible. Here are some Suggested Supplies that you will need.

  1. Access to a printer (with paper) or USB drive (to save files to print later)
  2. Pen & Paper
  3. Binder with 5 Tabs or 5 Folders (to hold printed material)
  4. Notebook

What to print:

You will be able to print your completed work in every class! Therefore, it would help you to stay organized if you purchase a binder with these tabs. If you do not have access to a printer, USB drive, or Binder, you may want to consider writing the worksheets into a notebook.

In this course you will find the printable material inside of the materials section of this course. There, you will find:

Tabs.pdf (Print 1x)

Course Syllabus.pdf (Print 1x)

Pledge.pdf (Print 1x)

REBT Worksheet.pdf (Print 1x)

Behavior Tracker.pdf (Print 40x)

Notes.pdf (Print As Needed)

Throughout the course, when you see the pencil, be sure to write down your notes!


Grab a pen and paper! It is strongly recommended that you take notes throughout this course.