Class 1: Intro Copy

First things first, let’s start with Introductions and a nice Ice Breaker.

After introductions and going around the class or doing an ice-breaker – welcome your class! *You can say something like:

Welcome to the Breaking Cycles Curriculum! Today you are going to get an overview on how REBT works and why it’s effective in helping individuals make amazing changes in their life and learn the basics of healthy life-style practices, otherwise known as life skills! Why is this so important? When a parent breaks an unhealthy cycle, it breaks the chain to the child! Sometimes as humans, we don’t have it in us to do it for ourselves, but as parents, we can muster up the strength to do anything for our children. Let’s get started!

  • Hand out the binders to your participants and start going through everything for today’s class.
  • Go through Syllabus (Tab 1) and the classes you’ll be taking together. 
  • Go over Calendar (Tab 1) and touch on any dates you might not be meeting.
  • Read the Participant Pledge and go over any questions. After participants sign, you will walk through class and sign as well. (Allow a couple minutes for the reading and signing)
  • Collect all Pledges and make a copy for yourself, return them next week for your participants’ binders (Tab 5).
  • Read the Intro and REBT with class: Tab 1

Lets begin!