Class 1: Getting Started (for Students) Copy

Throughout the course, when you see the pencil, be sure to write down your notes!


Grab a pen and paper! It is strongly recommended that you take notes throughout this course. These notes can help you when you …

Ask yourself :

What is the most impactful component of the ABC model? Is it the Action, is it the Belief or is it the Consequence of the behavior? 

The answer is:

It’s the BELIEF. We can’t control Actions (events), but we can control beliefs or at least emotions and responses that ultimately lead to our Consequences of the behavior that was brought on by our BELIEFS!!! 


If inclined, find a Bible verse (Proverbs would be easiest), that you can think of during this difficult event that will help change your behavior.  Write your scripture on the back of the Tracker. The scripture can also be put on index cards to put in your car, have at the office, on your refrigerator, nightstand – wherever it may remind you to read it before acting!