Class 1: Easy as ABC

As you see, THE ABC MODEL (D/E) explains how people’s beliefs cause their emotional and behavioral responses. Remembering this can help you understand and perfect your ABC’s .

A: Something happens,

B: You have a belief about the situation

C: Consequence to your emotional response. After we learn how to change our beliefs and understand our behavior, we can add D and E.

D: Disputing irrational beliefs and

E: Effective beliefs replacing the old

What is the most impactful component of the ABC model?

Is it the Action, is it the Belief or is it the Consequence of the behavior? 

The answer is: It’s the BELIEF.

We can’t control Actions (events), but we can control beliefs or at least emotions and responses that ultimately lead to our Consequences of the behavior that was brought on by our BELIEFS!!

Let’s move on to your REBT Worksheet!