Class 1 – Program

Welcome! And first of all, thank you! Not everyone signs up for the task in helping adults become healthy participants inside their families, communities and society. It is a very thankless job and a difficult one at that. However, you are about to embark on a journey that can help your class break cycles that keep them trapped in a downward spiral of toxic decisions. This behavior could’ve been passed down to them from their parents, and you will be exploring that in the parenting series, or they may have started the cycle themselves, which is now on-route to their children. Your efforts can make the difference for TWO generations!

Our goal is to develop students to be the best partner, parent, sibling, co-worker, business owner – that they can be! Higher education, certifications and the like are great, but without life skills and knowing how to navigate in this world, their efforts could render fruitless.

Life skills are pertinent to EVERY aspect of life. You will teach how to break generational cycles that will hopefully give students a new direction that is healthy for them and their children. Generational cycles are hard to break. You will show them how!